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La jolla is known for its extraordinary


Inspired by a wealth of natural resources, the citizenry have built a community which reflects its surroundings. Geographic location positions San Diego as an international hub; historical forces have made it the home of indigenous and immigrant groups of great diversity; and an abundance of human resources promises great economic potential.

San Diego takes its place among the great cities of the world, distinct from other coastal communities. Along with this coming of age is a flowering of arts and culture, a sign of a mature metropolitan area.

La Jolla Playhouse With three theaters, rehearsal rooms, a design studio, a storage warehouse and a park and restaurant in the works, this internationally reputed theater should perhaps change its name to the La Jolla Playtown.

Already established as a two-theater playhouse specializing in adventurous and new works, the Playhouse opened the Sheila and Hughes Potiker Theatre January 2005 in the new 50,000 square foot Jacobs Center. The Jacobs Center building is in between the 493-seat Mandell Weiss Theater with a traditional proscenium stage, and the 399-seat Mandell Weiss Forum, with a thrust.

The Playhouse is located on the UCSD campus and shares its stage with the undergraduate and MFA programs on campus. Besides allowing the Playhouse to expand its season, the theater is a completely flexible black box meaning the space can change format from each production and seat 99 to 400 patrons.

The Playhouse puts on roughly 6 productions a year. At least thirty productions launched at this theater have gone on to Broadway and many end up touring nationally and internationally.
SignOnSanDiego, Aug. 12, 2005
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