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Health & Fitness

Quality of Life
is what We
All Want.

Good health helps us achieve a high quality of life. Fitness makes us want to live it every day.

Health is defined as “a state of complete well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”
Health is to a certain extent a matter of cleanliness, proper diet and exercise; but it is more than that. It is also the conscious and subconscious recognition of the well-being that comes from doing, every day, a full measure of one's duty—doing what you can, with what you've got, where you are.

The absence of fulfilling such duty makes us prey to anxiety and doubt which weakens the mind, body and spirit; and opens the door to disease and morbidity.

Perhaps perfect health does not guarantee that you will live for a 100 years, nor will it protect you from bullets or accident; but the measure of life is to be found in its quality. A keen interest in the high quality and purpose of one's life provides the best chance for well-being, happiness and longevity—and brings us closer to the Greek ideal of a sound mind in a sound body. Health and fitness make the difference between living well and living.

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